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Atlantis Models 1/24 Tom Daniel's Unreal Roller (formerly Monogram) Kit


Atlantis Models 1/24 Tom Daniel's Unreal Roller (formerly Monogram) Kit

$21.59 $26.99

What a blast from the Past! The Tom Daniel designed unreal roller is back molded in new colors, new artwork, and new decals. This is a big improvement from the original. The kit comes molded in green with lots of chrome. Features moving parts and rolling wheels, detailed instructions waterslide decals. Skill level 2 ages 14 and up.

"Tom Daniel has finally flipped out! Just look at his latest creation...a mind-snapping vision that was once a steamroller! This showstopping, eyepopping machine is low and mean and sits proudly on its super side chromed rollers! Blasting up through the hood is a bad, fuel-injected mill with blower case, scoop and zoomie headers. No doubt...this is the world's fastest roll-about. The breezy driver's compartment sports a "hot-foot" gas pedal and chromed tractor seat. Overhead, a corrugated chrome roof. More of the wheelie wheels, bubble fuel tank, and vintage-time carriage lights. The UNREAL ROLLER.... fun kit that'll make you roll!"

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