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Italeri 1/24 Volkswagen 1303S Beetle Convertible Kit

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Italeri 1/24 Volkswagen 1303S Beetle Convertible Kit

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The Volkswagen Beetle is a real milestone in the Automotive History. The first model went into production before the Second World War and it were characterized immediately for an impressive reliability,  a unique design, and a strong personality. The real commercial success, however, started from the end of the war. In fact the VW Beetle became one of the symbols of German industrial growth during the '50s and' the 60s. During the years several improvements and innovations has been adopted but never changed drastically the good original project and the unique design. On 1972 the “1303 model”, characterized by more modern aesthetic solution as the curved windscreen and a new shape of the rear lights,  has been launched on the market. The 1,300 cm³ engine has been flanked by the more powerful 1,600 cm³ engine. Up today the VW Beetle is still holding the record of the long-lasting car in the history.

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