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MPC 1/6 Stroker McGurk Surf Rod Cruisr Caricature Kit

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MPC 1/6 Stroker McGurk Surf Rod Cruisr Caricature Kit

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Stroker McGurk, the Hot Rodder’s Buddy was a clever character created by renowned photographer and artist, Tom Medley. Stroker could be seen regularly, in the comic strips Medley created for Hot Rod Magazine. In the 1960s, MPC forever immortalized the character in plastic model kit form and now, after more than four decades of being out of production, McGurk is back! The first model from the series to return is “Surf Rod.” It’s a hilarious “action” kit featuring Stroker riding a surfboard powered by a big dragster motor! He’s holding the reigns with one hand and shifting into high gear with the other!
  • Molded in white
  • Builds to over 8 inches tall
  • Figure’s torso moves
  • Surfboard over 12 inches long and figure over 8 inches tall
  • All new decal artwork
  • Fun reproduction comic strip added to instructions
  • Bonus McGurk sticker

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